Only one still up is Some others that are no longer around are Roomdash (GitHub repo) and


Only two I’m still maintaining are SearchSwap (Edge/Chrome) and SongTxt (GitHub repo) (Visual Studio Code). You can still get LinkSmith (Chrome/Edge) but it’s no longer as useful. Way back, I also built Snippy (Visual Studio) but no chance that’s useful nowadays unless you’re still using VS 2003/2005. If you are, please upgrade. :)


Lots of stuff over the years, much of which isn’t all that useful nowadays. Here’s a quick list of app names and I’ve provided links to GitHub repos for any that I shared there: Wordy, Peekify, TickTalker, DeskTips, Clipboard Snagger, ezClip, RightSideUp, Hovervue, NameTag, NameTray, Uptime 2000, and a quick version of Space Invaders.

Mobile apps

Windows Phone: Meds Tracker, Calendar Calculator, Gifty, and ccDismiss (PocketPC). iOS: CalendarCalc

Zinko Labs

This was an LLC I created back when I was creating Windows Phone apps. It’s been years since I did anything with it though, so it’s now a thing of the past.