Hello! I'm Gus Perez.

I had a blog from around 2000 through 2022. I've simplified things and just have this page now. If you can't find something you used to find here, send me an email and I'll dig it up and share it below.


The easiest way to reach me is email. However, you can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.


I work at Microsoft where I'm the Director of Engineering for the Visual Studio Platform team (VS for Windows and VS for Mac). More info on LinkedIn.

Guitar + Music


I created GuitarTube.org in 2016. It seems there are some folks who have found it useful, so I'm keeping it around. Still may do more, but we'll see.

Sheet music + tabs/chords

Most of my transcriptions are on Ultimate Guitar. I've also posted some stuff (mostly guitar solo tabs) on Soundslice.


I'm hoping to get around to recording more and will share that under the 9U5P moniker. See more over on Spotify and other streaming services. You can also check out my Soundcloud page.


Back in the day, I played in a band called Opus80. Haven't played a show in ages but still get together to jam whenever we get a chance. More recently we've recorded some videos for some charity events at work. See more on our old YouTube channel.


I'm learning how to make stuff with wood. See more on Instagram.




Lots of stuff over the years, much of which isn't all that useful nowadays. Here's a quick list of app names and I've provided links to GitHub repos for any that I shared there: Wordy, Peekify, TickTalker, DeskTips, Clipboard Snagger, ezClip, RightSideUp, Hovervue, NameTag, NameTray, Uptime 2000, and a quick version of Space Invaders,


Only one still up is GuitarTube.org. Some others that are no longer around are Roomdash (GitHub repo) and Countdowns.me.

Browser extensions


Visual Studio and VS Code extensions

SongTxt (GitHub repo) and Snippy.

Windows Phone apps

Meds Tracker, Calendar Calculator, Gifty, and ccDismiss (PocketPC).

iOS apps



Haven't been doing as much as I used to, but you can check out some of photos on flickr and 500px.

Zinko Labs

This was an LLC I created back when I was creating Windows Phone apps. It's been years since I did anything with it though, so it's now a thing of the past.