Hello! I’m Gus.

I’m a software engineer based out of the Pacific Northwest in North America. On the work front, I’ve been at Microsoft since I interned back in 1998. I’m currently a Director of Engineering in the Developer Division working on Visual Studio.

Outside of work, I have a rotation of hobbies I get into pretty obsessively. Playing guitar, woodworking, and programming are safe to say permanently on the rotation. Also dabble with digital art, recording music, and 3d-printing. I love trying to get good at something even knowing it’s a never ending mission.

This site has been around since 2000, but I basically started from scratch in 2022. If you were looking for something specific but can’t find it, email me and I’ll dig it up and repost it here.


The easiest way to reach me is email, but you can also find me on Mastodon and LinkedIn.