• Matthew Mayfield – History (chords)

    Here are the chords to another Matthew Mayfield track off his Recoil album. Note that the chords below are in standard tuning. Matthew plays this song tuned down a whole step though. Scroll all the way down to the end to see what the chords are in that tuning.

  • GuitarTube.org: Help me get spread the word!

    I’ve been working on a site for a few weeks now and think it’ll be useful for guitar players (new and experienced). It’s called GuitarTube.org and it’s essentially a backing track search engine that makes it really easy for you to find a track to jam/improvise to. On top of that, it shows you a chart of the fretboard with the…

  • Matthew Mayfield – God’s Fault (chords)

    If you haven’t heard of Matthew Mayfield yet, do yourself a favor and check out his latest album called Recoil. It’s brilliant all around. Here’s how I’m playing one of my favorites off of the album, God’s Fault. 

  • Kopek – The Water Song (chords/tab)

    Here’s what I’ve come up with so far for my favorite song off of Kopek’s new album, Rise. I’m less confident around the lyrics than I am the chords — especially the bridge — and am hoping I get someone to offer up any corrections. I’ll post it up on Ultimate Guitar as well but it’ll probably take a few…