A small application that runs in the background and announces the time via Windows’ speech capabilities. You can configure it to announce the time on the hour and every half hour. It also supports giving you advance warning.

My main use for this application is at work where I have tons of meetings in my office and usually go over time on them causing me to be late to the next meeting. TickTalker gets my attention whether I’m currently looking at my computer or not which really comes in handy.


Just run the ticktalker.exe executable and you’ll see a clock icon appear in the system tray area. Right-click the tray icon for options including “Settings” which is where you can configure how you want TickTalker to work for you. It all should hopefully be fairly self-explanatory.

Thanks to the kind folks at online-tech-tips.com, here’s a very thorough walk-through of getting the app up and running.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
    • If you don’t already have the 3.5 framework installed, you can install it from Microsoft’s site here.

Latest Version:

  •  1.0.4 — Released on 2/13/2008