Roomdash screenshotRoomdash is a site I created a few years ago to run on the large TV screens we have in our team rooms at Microsoft. It’s a simple view of the latest posts on Twitter, Google+, Reddit, and StackOverflow about some of the products we’re working on. It’s a great way for us to get a quick glimpse of what’s being talked about out there by our customers.

For the time being, it’s got a list of hard-coded projects with corresponding queries for each of them. I’m not sure yet how much more I’m going to do on this project but we’ll see. If you’d like to use it with your own custom queries, you’re going to have to fork the project’s code and update accordingly. It’s possible I’ll do some more work on it someday to allow for users, with custom queries/projects, etc. but I’m not making any promises. :)

Some currently supported products are:


  • It automatically refreshes itself every 30 minutes or so (remember, it’s meant to be run on machines that users don’t actually interact with much)
  • Play with your browser’s text size (usually CTRL-+/- or CTRL-Mousewheel) as the post cards will dynamically realign and make the most use of the screen real estate

Source code

I’ve shared the code for it on GitHub. It’s a simple ASP.NET MVC backend with a JavaScript front end that uses the following very helpful libraries: