Clipboard Snagger

A very small utility that takes the image in the clipboard and saves it to a JPG file on your desktop. I created it after finding myself frequently using Microsoft Paint to do the same thing but with many more steps. Some of the things I was doing that this tool makes easier/smoother are:

  • Changing your Instant Messenger display picture.
  • Saving screenshots to a file.
  • In combination with Microsoft OneNote’s screen capture feature.

I’ve added a shortcut to it in my Quick Launch menu which makes it easy to get to and use. I might end up making it live in the tray/notification area in the future but for now it does it’s job well as far as my needs go. I have a few other ideas for some potentially useful features but I’ll get to those when I have a little more time. If you have any ideas, feel free to send them my way and I’ll get them on the list.


  • Copy any image to the clipboard.
  • Launch the Clipboard Snagger executable.
  • You should then see a new file called “snagged.jpg” appear on your desktop.
    • If the contents of the clipboard are not an image, an error dialog will appear letting you know.
    • If a snagged.jpg file already exists on your desktop, a number will be appended to the file name (e.g., snagged_1.jpg) instead of overwriting the existing file.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0
    • If you don’t have it installed, you can download/install it from Microsoft’s site here. If you’re using Windows Vista, it comes pre-installed so Clipboard Snagger should be able to run fine out of the box.