Here’s the current list of available applications I’ve created:

SongTxt – A Visual Studio Code extension that improves the experience around editing text file versions of songs including lyrics, chords, and guitar tabs. If you’ve ever dealt with chord files or guitar tabs like the ones found on Ultimate Guitar, then you may want to give SongTxt a try. – A site that makes it easy to find backing tracks to jam to in any key, genre, etc. Also has some handy features to show you a diagram of the fretboard with scales to play for each track.

Linksmith – A Google Chrome browser extension that makes it a little easier and quicker to look stuff up on sites.

Roomdash – A site I created to have running on the large TV screens we have in our team rooms at Microsoft. It’s a simple view of the latest posts on Twitter, Reddit, StackOverflow, and Google+ about some of our products and is a great way for our teams to get a quick glimpse of what’s being talked about out there by our users.

Peekify – (A small, minimalistic Windows application that provides basic information about the song currently playing on Spotify on your desktop. Formerly called SpotiPeek.

Meds Tracker – A Windows Phone app that helps you keep track of when you last took your meds as well as the next time you need to take them.

Calendar Calculator – A Windows Phone app that helps you track the number of days till or since events of interest to you.

CalendarCalc – A subset of Calendar Calculator but for the iPhone instead.

DeskTips – Displays different types of text data transparently on your desktop. Examples of the types of things you can display are the current date and time, your system’s up time, IP address, CPU usage percentage, and computer’s name.

TickTalker – A small application that runs in the background and announces the time via Windows’ speech capabilities. You can configure it to announce the time on the hour and every half hour. It also supports giving you advance warning.

Clipboard Snagger – A small utility that takes the image in the clipboard and saves it to a JPG file on your desktop. I created it after finding myself frequently using Microsoft Paint to do the same thing but with many more steps. Snagger does it all for me now with just one click.

EzClip – This is a tiny C# application that allows you to copy/paste files via the clipboard from the command-line. (Source code available)

RightSideUp – Application that automatically rotates images in a folder using EXIF data stored in the image by some cameras. (Source code available)

Uptime 2000 – A tiny Win32 application (C++) that displays the system’s up-time either in a small (transparent and frameless) window on your desktop or in a tool tip whenever you hover over the UpTime 2000 icon in the system tray.

Wordy – Two versions (.NET and Win32) of a tiny app that lives in the tray and provides a quick way of looking up a word’s definition. (Source code available on GitHub)

NameTag – Another very small Win32 application (C++) that provides a customizable way of displaying a computer’s name on the desktop.

NameTray – A subset of NameTag that really serves little purpose anymore since it was meant for folks running versions of Windows that didn’t yet support the transparency features that NameTag uses.

Space Invaders – A .NET version of the classic game written in C#. (Source code available on GitHub)

ccDismiss – A tiny C++ Win32 (for CE) application that runs in the background on your Windows Mobile 5/6 Smartphone. It’s sole purpose is to automatically close out the “Charge Complete” dialog that many are not fond of.

Hovervue – A .NET application (requires the .NET Framework v2.0) that places a bar, similar to the Windows’ start bar, at the top of your desktop. It’s meant to make it easy for you to have instant information at all times without taking up too much desktop real estate. Another goal was to make it as easy and quick as possible to get more information instantly and make it go away just as fast. This is accomplished by hovering over whatever tile you’re looking for more data on. Screenshots available here.

Snippy – A tool that should ease the life of those creating C# code snippets (aka code expansions) for Visual Studio.