• Mark Curry – A collection of links

    Mark Curry’s easily one of my favorite singer/songwriters. I picked up his album after seeing the video for Sorry About The Weather back in the early 90s and have continued to search for and get anything he’s put out since then. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a ton. Given that, at least a couple times per year I end up doing…

  • Mark Curry – Drinkin’ and How (tab/chords)

    Here’s another song by Mark Curry off his It’s Only Time album. Chances are I’ll be figuring out all of the songs on this album at some point. It’s easily one of my all-time favorites and deserving of so much more attention than it got. As usual, any corrections are welcome!

  • Rachel Taylor – Silence Looks Good on You (chords)

    Here’s what I’ve come up with for Silence Looks Good On You off of Rachel Taylor’s new album, Come Alive (2014). Rachel’s one half of He Is We in case you’re familiar with their music. As usual, please share any corrections via the comments as I can’t say I’m positive I got it all right.

  • 11/22/63 by Stephen King

    I don’t read much fiction but I constantly have this nagging feeling that I’m missing out. It’s similar to how, over the years, I’ve really tried to finally acquire a taste for wine but have failed miserably. 11/22/63 felt like it had a shot with me: it had a lot of positive buzz and was written by Stephen King whom I had…

  • Checking in on Comcast’s speed

    I was making some tweaks to the site and ran across old bandwidth/speed posts I had a few years back. Made me curious to see where we’re at nowadays. Turns out the download speeds are continuing to get significantly better while upload speeds have mostly remained throttled around the same level.