• Wildcards in Word

    This is mostly a note to self, but may be useful to others trying to figure out or remember how to search for end of lines in Word and replace with a character. The case I almost always need to do this is taking a long list of people’s email addresses in some sort of list and converting it into…

  • Windows 10’s Photos app slow

    This was killing me for a few days. Whenever I opened up an image on my home Windows 10 PC, the Photos app would come up but never showed the image I opened. Turns out it would show the image, but after a very long time. Luckily, fixing it was pretty easy.

  • Archive button disabled or missing in Outlook 2016?

    A while back, one of the new features added to Outlook was the “Archive button.” I previously used a custom “Quick Step” to get similar functionality along with a keyboard shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+F1). The archive button improves on that approach: you can undo it and the keyboard shortcut is simply the Backspace key.

  • Windows HomeGroups

    I’ll confess I don’t know exactly how homegroups work and I haven’t tried to learn much about them. I’ve always wanted them to just work. Today, our homegroup broke and the magic was gone. 

  • Parallels 11 and Windows 10 product key workaround

    Something’s apparently broken but I don’t know if it’s on the Parallels or Windows side. If you don’t provide your product key before installing Windows 10 via Parallels 11 on your Mac, you may run into the problem where the dialog that Windows allows you to provide your product key for activation doesn’t ever get shown. Not being able to…