• Git + SSH + PuTTY/Pageant headaches

    Here’s a bug I’ve struggled with for a while now but finally found a workaround. I have Git repos spread across GitHub, BitBucket, VSTS/TFS, and GitLab. Recently, I’ve switched to only using SSH for connecting to all my repos. Somewhere along the way though, I started to run into problems and flaky experiences. For example, I finally tried Visual Studio’s new support for SSH-based Git…

  • Using Google Analytics on a Chrome extension

    I recently built a Chrome extension called Linksmith (more information here) and hooked it up to Google Analytics for some very basic usage information. It turned out to be a bit trickier than previous times I’ve added Analytics to websites as Chrome extensions are a bit different (security settings and the ‘chrome://’ protocol). There’s an official tutorial available that you should use…

  • Setting up SSH for Git on Windows

    I’ve found myself having to do this on multiple machines and always seem to miss a step along the way. Over the years, I’ve ended up updating my approach and have updated the post accordingly (mentioning that in case you’re seeing something different from last time you checked this post). Here’s what I currently do: 

  • Introducing Roomdash–my latest side project

    Roomdash is a site I created for the large TV screens we have in the team rooms at Microsoft. It provides a simple view of the latest posts on Twitter and Google+ about some of our products and is a great way for our teams to get a quick glimpse of what’s being talked about out there by our users.

  • Update testing your Windows Phone 7 apps

    Testing your Windows Phone 7 apps is pretty straightforward in general. The tools support is great, the emulator is solid, and it’s very simple to deploy to your actual device to see how it works there. What wasn’t as clear to me was how to test app updates when changing the data structure I’m saving to isolated storage.

  • Console input stream empty or not?

    This is making me grumpy so I’m going to share and see if this eventually (assuming I find a solution) serves as a place where others don’t run into what I’ve been struggling with. It would seem to be a simple problem but I haven’t been able to figure it out in a way that feels right (i.e., I have…