• Background noise with Bose QC35 headphones

    I use Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones quite a bit at work where I’ve got them paired to my Windows 10 PC. One of the few downsides I face every once in a while is that the mic on the headphones ends up piping in background noise into the headphones. I pretty much never use the headphones for actual calls, so…

  • Windows HomeGroups

    I’ll confess I don’t know exactly how homegroups work and I haven’t tried to learn much about them. I’ve always wanted them to just work. Today, our homegroup broke and the magic was gone. 

  • Adaptive keyboard on Lenovo ThinkPads

    I recently got a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon and was surprised to see that I actually found their new Adaptive Keyboard (video) feature (the digital touch sensors on the keyboard in place of traditional function keys) actually works reasonably well. I was fully prepared to despise it and permanently set it to always show the function keys but I actually…

  • Printing B&W photos on a Lexmark printer

    We’ve got a Lexmark Platinum Pro 905 printer that we recently decided to use to print out a lot of black and white photos with. After going through a couple prints, I noticed it wasn’t really pure black and white and realized it was using the color ink cartidges. This didn’t seem ideal so I figured there would be an…

  • Finally, some KVM success

    I have worked with several KVMs in the last 15 years and have always been left wanting more. I pretty much got to the point where I just avoided them as much as possible. That changed a few days ago when I got a new laptop that I want to sometimes use with my larger display.