• TickTalker reviewed…

    TickTalker, an app I released almost four years ago, has seen a pretty decent spike in traffic recently. Turns out it’s primarily due to a quite thorough write-up that’s part review and part documentation and walkthrough. Great to see folks are still finding it useful! Check out the ‘Online Tech Tips’ review here.

  • Meds Tracker v1.9 for Windows Phone 7

    I just submitted the latest version of Meds Tracker to the Windows Phone Marketplace; it should be available later this week. This one includes a much requested new feature that I’ve ended up calling “fixed” schedules as that’s how most users who emailed me asking for it referred to it as well.

  • Meds Tracker bug in v1.5

    I’ve been made aware of a bug in the currently posted version of Meds Tracker on the Marketplace. There’s a very good chance of data loss if you don’t do anything to cause the app to commit any changes to the database during the first run following the update.

  • Meds Tracker v1.1 for Windows Phone 7

    Just submitted an update to Meds Tracker on the Windows Phone Marketplace. This one’s a little one but should be noticeable as it has a couple of features that I think should have been there from the beginning.