• Bleachers – Like a River Runs (chords)

    Got hooked on Bleachers‘s new album Strange Desire since it came out earlier this week. Didn’t know this was a side project for the guitarist from Fun., Jack Antonoff, along with members of his pre-Fun. band Steel Train. Here are the basic chords for one of the songs off the album, Like a River Runs.

  • Mark Curry – Drinkin’ and How (tab/chords)

    Here’s another song by Mark Curry off his It’s Only Time album. Chances are I’ll be figuring out all of the songs on this album at some point. It’s easily one of my all-time favorites and deserving of so much more attention than it got. As usual, any corrections are welcome!

  • Rachel Taylor – Silence Looks Good on You (chords)

    Here’s what I’ve come up with for Silence Looks Good On You off of Rachel Taylor’s new album, Come Alive (2014). Rachel’s one half of He Is We in case you’re familiar with their music. As usual, please share any corrections via the comments as I can’t say I’m positive I got it all right.

  • Forget The Name – Sarah (chords)

    Here’s a song that I’m sure had a lot of fans back in Miami in the early nineties. The band was Forget The Name and the song is called Sarah off the Stones for Steven album which seems to have been rereleased in 2010 as I was happily surprised to see it’s still available. Here is how I play Sarah…

  • Mark Curry – Blow Me Down (tab+chords)

    Here’s what I’ve ended up figuring out of Mark Curry’s Blow Me Down song off of his It’s Only Time album. The guitar parts are far easier to figure out than the lyrics though but I gave it a shot anyway. I may get around to tabbing the solo as well at some point also. As always, any corrections are…