This site has been around since 2000 though I lost the majority of posts I made prior to 2005 (the world isn’t missing much though — rest easy). I generally write about things that I’ve been frustrated by or learned about that I think others may find useful. Looking back through the archives, I mostly write about personal projects, programming, technologymusic (guitar tab), books, photography, and cycling.

On the personal front, I have a bunch of interests including playing guitar, beginning woodworking, photography (flickr and 500px), and coding. I also have a little side-project company called Zinko Labs (@zinkolabs) to distribute apps I build for fun.

On the work side, I’ve been at Microsoft since the late nineties (started as an intern in ’98) working in the Developer Division the whole time. More specifically:

Prior to Microsoft, I worked at a few small companies mostly focusing in the telephony space including a startup that never got a chance to fail (one of the partners ran off with all the funding — good times).

Feel free to contact me using the form below or through any of the following services: Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, or Instagram.