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SongTxt – Use VS Code to edit chord and guitar tab files

Started a project this weekend that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while now. It’s called SongTxt and it’s a Visual Studio Code extension that makes it a better experience for anyone who transcribes songs into text files consisting of lyrics, chords, and guitar tabs. I.e., if you submit tabs to sites like Ultimate Guitar, you may want to give SongTxt a try.

If you think this all sounds worth a shot, head over to the Overview page for more details including how to install SongTxt. If you’re already familiar with VS Code and just want the extension, here’s a link to its Marketplace page.

SongTxt is an open source project. You can find its code on GitHub. If you find any bugs or have any feature requests, please submit an issue here. Most of its functionality works automatically, but you’ll find more details on the project’s wiki page.

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