Matthew Mayfield – History (chords)

Here are the chords to another Matthew Mayfield track off his Recoil album. Note that the chords below are in standard tuning. Matthew plays this song tuned down a whole step though. Scroll all the way down to the end to see what the chords are in that tuning.

Matthew Mayfield
Album: Recoil (2016)

F - Bb - F - C
F - Bb - F-C-F

[Verse 1]
F                          Bb                                         
Never thought it would end up this way
F                     C                                         
Never thought it'd be true
F                              Bb                    
I've always known that love is gambling
F                  C               F                                         
Just never thought I could lose on you

And how do I move
Now that you've moved on?
And how do I fight 
now that you're long gone?
And how do I dream
         F   F/E        Bb                      
now that you don't believe?

        C               F                  
Say goodbye we're history
Bb                     F     C                                  
     Yeah, we're history

[Verse 2]
F                     Bb                    
All the reasons I had faith in you
F                  C                       
All the meaning behind
F                     Bb                    
Every season that I spent with you
   F                      C         F       
I never thought you would cross the line

And how do you feel
when you walk into the door?
and how do you look
in the mirror anymore?
And how do you toss
      F     F/E     Bb                       
the idea of you and me?

        C               F                  
Say goodbye we're history
Bb                     F                                      
     Yeah, we're history
C            F                                       


Key of F
Verses:     I  - IV - I  - V  - I  - IV - I - V - I
Pre-Chorus: IV - vi - IV - vi - IV - I  - vii - IV 
Chorus:     V  - I  - IV - I  - V 

Matthew's tuning is one whole step down (D-G-C-F-A-d)
Verses:     G  - C  - G  - D  - G  - C  - G - D - G
Pre-Chorus: C  - Dm - C  - Dm - C  - G  - G/F# - C 
Chorus:     D  - G  - C  - G  - D

Standard tuning (E-A-D-G-B-e):
Verses:     F  - Bb - F  - C  - F  - Bb - F - C - F
Pre-Chorus: Bb - Dm - Bb - Dm - Bb - F  - F/E - Bb 
Chorus:     C  - F  - Bb - F  - C

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