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I listen to a lot of different playlists on Spotify and find myself frequently having to restore the Spotify window to see what band’s song is playing or song’s name. That doesn’t require a huge effort obviously, but it is kind of distracting when you find yourself doing it every few minutes it can get old. Having it just be a quick glance is far better. That’s what I set out to do with SpotiPeek. It’s small, minimalist, and simple but it does the job for me. Sharing it here in case anyone else finds it useful as well. 

You can download it from GitHub here. It’s free to use and open source so feel free to fork or contribute here. It uses the SpotifyAPI-NET library and I got the cool icon for it was created by Herman van Boeijen and available here. Also note that it currently requires you use the Spotify Desktop Beta as some of the functionality needed by SpotiPeek is far more reliable in the Beta.

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