Mark Curry – Nothin’ At All

Here’s another Mark Curry song, Nothin’ At All, off his It’s Only Time album.

Nothin' At All
by Mark Curry
Album: It's Only Time
Standard tuning

E   022100
F#  244322
A   002220 or 577655
B   799877 or 224440
C#m x46654

   I got nothin' at all
B              C#m
   going down
got nowhere to fall
got an empty heart
an empty head
C#m      B        F#
I got no one to call
A                                    B
looking through a little hole in the wall
I got nothin' at all

A   B   E

E                 B
I got no words to say
C#m           F#
got no wishes today
got an empty hope
an empty dream
C#m       B       F#
got no reason to stay
A                                      B
think I heard the angel singing in the hall 
I got nothin' at all

F#   A    B

E                             F#
I never thought I'd love her, no
C#m                        B
never thought I'd need her so
A                                  B
never thought I'd be the one going down
                      E    A    B
with nowhere to fall
got nothin' at all

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