Loving Comcast’s internet speed…

I noticed my uploads were happening a bit faster so I decided to check in over at http://speedtest.net to see what my connection was clocking in at nowadays and was suprised to see that my upload speed was almost 10MB/s.

Download speed hasn’t changed much since last time but upload certainly has.

5 thoughts on “Loving Comcast’s internet speed…

  1. Are you hitting the same test server? My wife said something about them bumping our speed up slightly last time she called to move to their digital phone service. Might be related but I need to sync up with her and see what the story is.

  2. I noticed that recently on mine as well. Before, I was getting maybe 6Mb down and a paltry 500Kb up, and now I see about 20M down and up to about 7M up.

    However, you won’t get to keep the speed for that long – I think they set up “PowerBoost” so that they’d look better on speed tests.

    I’ve been watching Mozy run on my brand new machine, and it’s only getting about 800Kbps up. Better than the 120Kbps it would get before, however.

  3. Yep, I figured PowerBoost had something to do with it but still was nice. :) 800kbps is decent actually. I get much less when uploading large videos to MotionBox (the only place in addition to flickr that I upload large files to) though I’m assuming that has more to do with their servers than my connection.

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