Goodbye Netflix Profiles?

Unfortunately, the good folks at Netflix have decided to cut their Netflix Profiles feature (the one I talked about on this post over three years ago–also describes how we used it to this day). Pretty unfortunate as it was definitely a useful feature for those that used it as it was meant to be used (different members of your family could have their own “queues”) and for the many who used it like we did. It’s rare to see a feature get cut after being out for so long and the customer reactions to it seem to tell the story. Hard call though I’m still hoping they might change their mind…

Update [7.6.08]: They’ve changed their minds. =)

One thought on “Goodbye Netflix Profiles?

  1. Indeed. It’s not even just that they’re eliminating a feature. They’re doing it with basically no explanation, they’re deleting lots of data that’s owned by the users (ratings) that’s taken years to build up, they’re ruining the separate rental history and ratings of an account, and they’ve offered no alternative or easy way to store or transfer ratings / queue / rental history, etc. Time to jump the Netflix ship – the only way to vote against this is with dollars. Hopefully a competitor will spring up with exactly this feature.

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